Membership Pricing

Membership Pricing $125/Month

 All Ages*

*unable to accept medicare patients at this time

Health Navigation Consult $300/Session

These are specially suited sessions with a trained and board certified medical doctor. Topics include the following

Providing professional answers to a medical questions

Providing a second opinion on medical questions or diagnosis

Providing clarity on most medical concerns


Executive Health Exam $1000

Comprehensive health history

Preventive health screenings & risk evaluations (based on current USPSTF screening guidelines)

Comprehensive physical examination


Laboratory Testing

Hearing Screening

Vision and lab evaluation (customized to the needs of the patient)


  • 5% Discount if membership paid annually.
  • Additional discount for each additional membership within the same household
  • Introductory $0 Enrollment Fee
  • Please note: A membership with Healing Touch DPC does not constitute health insurance. Read More.

There are some services not included in your monthly membership fee.

We DO work with patients to get affordable pricing for some of these services

(ex. PT, pathology fees, imaging studies and labs)

  • Upfront Pricing is Provided for most services not included.
  • Immunizations – we cannot, at this time, perform immunizations due to cost. Immunizations can be received at local pharmacies or the health department