Here’s what our patients are saying about us.

Dr. Ayela is the most compassionate physician I have ever had. She has the heart of a teacher and explained every detail about my health to me. Thank you for putting my healthcare first.

Samuel K

First doctor’s visit I had in my entire adult life where the doctor was not interested in rushing me in order to get to the next patient. Dr Ayela puts relationship back into medical care

Joyce B

I was recommended to Dr. Ayela to seek a second opinion. Dr Ayela treated me like her only priority for the day and took the time to explain my medical condition to me and my husband. She was a Godsend to us

Abigail Wilcox

Dr. Ayela is a listening and caring doctor. At healing touch DPC, I am treated like family 

Richard O

Choosing Dr Ayela as my personal doctor was the best healthcare decision I made for my family. For the cost of less than my daily starbucks, we have directed and unlimited access to our primary care physician who listens and truly cares about our health care needs.

Valery Demins

 Going to see Dr. Ayela at healing touch dpc has removed the anxiety I used to feel when I went to my doctor’s appointment. She has a unique way of making me feel comfortable during my appointments.

Leila Hanson